Privacy Policy

1. About personal information in Madadaw

What is personal information

What is personal information

In this service, “personal information” is information that can identify individual users such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, credit card number, bank account number and (which can easily be compared with other information) Including the ones that will be able to identify a certain individual. In this service, it is collected only when the user transmits personal information, and others other than our company approved acquisition.

Purpose of collecting personal information

Purpose of collecting personal information In this service, in order to use this service, we may ask you to register personal information.
We will use personal information of registered users for the following purposes and strictly manage that information.
For the provision, management of this service:
   In order to communicate necessary for the user to use this service
   In order to collect, create and send statistical data for which personal information for the purpose of managing this service is not specified
   In order to respond to inquiries to provide information and advertisements related to this service and our affiliated parties by e-mail or other means
   To conduct user media interviews
   In order to hold a user participatory event
   In addition, for the purpose with the consent of the user
   In addition to the preceding items, for the purposes permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act
   In case you need to use other than the above, we will contact you to that effect beforehand.

Use of personal information

For web site design, image creation, matching site operation

2. Other

Use of cookie

We manage and maintain the provision of contents of this service, consider as new services, use terminal information for cookie for login information management and advertisement distribution. If the user refuses to accept cookies, part of this service may not be available.

About revision of privacy policy

We may revise all or part of our privacy policy. We will notify you on the site if there are important changes.